Las Vegas Pool parties are the experience of a lifetime when visiting Sin City. Sunshine, great music, dancing, and of course drinking all around a luxury pool makes for a great start to your day!  Get your suntan lotion out because Las Vegas pool season is finally here! Below are the pools that you could experience while on the 6 or 9-Venue Packages. The pools are preselected the week before by our host, based on what is going on at each venue.

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Ultra Lounges Las Vegas

We'll take you to places you've never imagined, that only exist in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas!

Night Train Las Vegas starts each night at an Ultra-Lounge. Las Vegas lounges are a mix of swanky cocktail hour with small club vibes. We meet here to get the entire group checked-in for the night while having a place for you to enjoy some drink specials – a little pre-gaming!

Here is the list of lounges you could experience while on your excursion.


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Night Train LV Vegas Clubs

VIP access to world renowned night clubs! See the most amazing venues and hottest DJs in elite style! The action heats up once we walk you into one of our A-list Nightclubs we have lined up for you. Pre-selected the week of the package, the nightclub line-up is outstanding. With Night Train Las Vegas, we walk you from the lounge to the club, VIP! (The lounge and club are in the same casino) We walk you past the general admission line, which can take anywhere from an hour to three, and without paying cover - it’s on us!

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